Under the dark
Fall pools of wet
That dessicate
Our double bed

And when we sigh
We feel the end
Is pressing slightly
On our head

What will come out
Of our intent?
When will our passion
Will be spent?

Unless we fall
Into the pool
And do not try
To die at all

But that would mean
Too much too long
To rid our secrets
Of our strong

And unparticular delight.
Remain beside me one more night...


The dark wings of chance
Suddenly advance
And take away the time
And abbreviate the dance

And the song sung so softly
And longed-for tonight
Burns away the details
Of last night's fight

Until only a little salt
Remains of our fault.


Until this happens, I shall stand by myself
Where the rain comes in
Through the corrugated iron
And lick the puddles out of your eyes, Thermione.

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