The green crow pauses
Over the valley
The cattle stand deep
In the fields
The trees droop
With abundance of blossom, and on
The roof, a white cat sits and cheats
Spurning the memory of sound

It is as if
People's madness was more than
Words can describe or actions emulate
Tell us, teach us, how to escape....

Before the forest reaches noon
Before the humming bird
Stirs and relates
The allegory of the poisoned child
The dawn breaks suddenly, in mid-afternoon
When the crow listens
When the rook leaps
When the carrion calls
For more slaughter, anoint
A new king for a new war
Put more people together
Poison the drainage
After the water
Supply is disconnected
Life will retaliate
In invariable forms.
Worms move, earth stirs
Trees forget their roots, leaves
Quiver, and an owl stirs
Within the barn. No harm
No harm. All is well
Ends the day of indignation, and
Money is worth ten times its former value.

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