Green are the porches of desire
Within, betray a fire
That lurks within the leaves of June, and sun
And when the two are one
Stab it, the sudden sadness in the spirit
That will not let me come

When I am open with my friends
I stand
With past on either hand
Surveying all that I have been, and seen
And so to make amends
I pass a pencil through my hands, and write
Just as I did tonight

So when the day is done
And all our yesterdays are one
And by
The fire, the embers crack, and wane and break
I (stuffing my mouth with cake)
Proclaim the end of all I've been and seen

The night will come when I will break the bars
(The glasses clatter in a thousand bars
Stalely recall the briskness of the morning. ...)

When pencils point the sadness of the day
And nothing's left but counterfeited glee
My soul flies softly to her warm abode
And underneath the road
The angels still drink tea
Drink tea
Was made for you and me
And as the morning slowly opens
Your legs a promise and your love inside
More secret than the secret of a book
That long and lovely look
When I have found
Nothing but you, above or beneath the ground
Compared with what I've found
Can equal all the systems of the tide
Can equal all the systems I have tried.

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